Thursday, 29 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 27 and 28

I didn't do anything worth talking about yesterday but today I went out for lunch with James.

He came over in a handsome grey and black striped shirt so of course I had to wear my grey and black houndstooth blazer. I thought we matched quite nicely.

We went to our favourite local Thai restaurant, Thai Ingah, for the $8.90 lunch special. I had lovely chicken cashew; Jimmy had some kind of curry. I don't like Thai curries much but he enjoyed it.

For a cheap local Thai the food's outstanding, and so is the decor. They even have a fancy waiting area for takeaway customers, complete with huge stacks of recent magazines.

Even the toilet's posh but I didn't get a picture of that. Next time.

After lunch I gave James a haircut and he helped me with some job applications. Thanks Jim!

My Mum made us some tasty homemade pies for dinner. If you don't have one of those pie machines you really need to think twice about the way you're living your life, because they're amazing.

For dessert we went to Cronulla for ice creams!

P.S. Meg, I know you like a full food diary so FYI I had a Soda Stream brand diet cola for breakfast. And a no-fun-at-all-size Snickers for a snack.


  1. Oh I do enjoy a full food diary! I do not enjoy no-fun-at-all size chocolates, they are dumb. Unless you eat ten, then they are fun.

    That waiting area is really spiffy! I'm pretty keen to try Thai Ingah after reading this. Good job Ship!

    1. It's a bit posh isn't it? I think we should all book a table on a busy night and intentionally turn up early so we can wait a bit. This is the $1 corkage place I was telling you about so that's a plus too!

    2. Oh let's do that! I wish we could have book club in the waiting area. How delightful!