Sunday, 1 April 2012

Minimalist March Day 29 and 30

On Thursday I got an email from the Westfield club about a big sale day. Heaps of shops had deals like twenty or thirty per cent off all full-price stock or buy x get y free. I normally wait for sales like 75% off last marked price, but I needed some new things for winter so I rushed over.

I bought almost everything I needed, all reduced: a navy merino jumper and black merino cardi from Glassons; a singlet, long sleeved tshirt and pair of tights from Factorie; a size eight bra from Cotton On (so hard to come by!). As you can tell it was all practical and boring so no pictures.

I spent about $125, which is unheard of for me. It's not coming out of my weekly budget though because I'd been putting money aside for it, and I spent less than I expected to so I'm still really pleased. If you aren't a Westfield member you should join!

I had some yummy pasta with prawns for dinner, v quick and easy.

On Friday night I went to the Crest again. I wore a completely free outfit! A dress handed down from my very generous friend Julia (hey beeratch if you're reading!), those shoes Amy gave me, my Mum's old clutch and a cardi Mum bought me for a present (Glassons, $12.50 I think).

All my jewellery was given as gifts. Most of the makeup items I used were presents, freebies or given by various friends or family members who didn't want them. Even my body lotion was a free sample given by my friend Kristina (hello if you're reading! Thanks for the samples!) who works at L'Occitane. Gosh their stuff is nice.

Here are some of my friends looking fab:

We drank some yummy cocktails but we didn't dance. Apologies to the awesome DJ, whose Soundcloud can be viewed right here.

Thanks everyone for coming and Wonderful Wiggy for giving me a lift home!

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