Thursday, 1 March 2012

Frugal February: Lessons In Thrift

I already knew loads of things about thrift, and I've discovered some more over the past month. Now I will share them with you!

  • Honesty & accountability are essential - keeping a record of ALL my spending on this blog was a good way to keep on track, especially since everyone else could see it. And now I can look back to analyse it so I can do better in the future.

  • You've gotta have friends - sharing my Thrift Experiences with my friends made it more fun (thank you all for your encouraging comments), plus I saved money by sharing taxis (hi Nicky!) etc and scored free makeup from Meg (thanks again!).

  • Be Prepared - several times I bought drinks and snacks because I wasn't organised enough to bring them from home. I'm going to leave some Pepsi at work, stock up on rolls in the freezer and take nuts or homemade biscuits in my bag.

  • Retail therapy isn't always wrong - you just have to be sensible about it. $300 worth of clothes that don't even fit you is a silly thing to buy when you're sad. But if you spend a few dollars on something you need, or at least can use, then hey presto you saved yourself some expensive therapy and/or a day of sulking.

  • Always look for the cheapest alternative. A magazine from work's recycling is the same as one from the newsstand. A dress from Vinnies does the same job as one from Westfield, only for $100 less. A dress from my wardrobe does it for free!

  • Take advantage of coupons, vouchers and deals. I get emails from LivingSocial and Cudo and always check the Smart Saver and that coupon book that comes in the mail...

  • But be sensible! A 2 Icreams For The Price Of 1 voucher is good because James and I eat a lot of icecream. A 2 Fish For The Price Of 1 voucher is bad because I wasn't going to buy a fish in the first place.

  • Familiarise yourself with thrifty options. Movies are cheapest for students on Mondays. Mike's have $5 fish and chips on Wednesdays. Thursday is Trivia Night. T2 gives out free samples!

  • It's helpful to have goals (I want to buy a house) and rules (like my $100 weekly limit) too.

If you have any extra tips, please share them in the comments! Prizes for the best one!


  1. What about the other side of the equation - earning?

    Maybe some tips on how to take xtra jobs, new skills, and etc.

  2. I think being Frugal is more about reducing your expenditure and getting by when you aren't earning very much. But I am planning to write about making money as well so stay tuned!