Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 13

On Tuesday to work I wore:

Dress from Salvatore's of Sutherland, $3
Shoes from Targét, $2.86
Handbag from Salvatore's in Forster, $1
Hair clip from The Reject Shop or possibly Hot Dollar, $3

In case you're no good at maths, that's less than ten dollars for the lot.

After work I changed into an even thriftier outfit - hand me down dress and thongs I got for Christmas - to go to the Physio. What fun.

I did outlay $2 for a DVD I had to watch for uni though. It was Unforgiven - a western, but rather a good one.

For dinner we had this thrifty chicken casserole made by Mum.

And later I dug out an old necklace that used to belong to my Nana and fixed it up with my jewellery polishing cloth, it's like a new necklace for free! If you don't have one of those cloths you should definitely buy one, it's the best thing I own.

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