Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 3 and 4

On Saturday I did some housework in my Sussans dressing gown (this goes with that), bought a sundress with a pattern of tiny fruit ($20 at Myer - bit of a splurge, but it's FRUIT, plus I want to throw out all my current Summer dresses) and ate a spud for lunch.

Later I had dinner at Nulla Nulla. James liked his steak but my pasta was too rich, and a little bland.

On Sunday I did some returns at Kmart and didn't buy anything. My outfit was nothing special but I rather enjoyed my coral-and-white-striped ballet flats (Big W) and $2 handbag with a Parisian street scene on it (Vincenzo's of Sutherland).

Then I went out for Pete's birthday drinks!

I wore a leopard print dress (Kmart, $19 - extravagant!) which I didn't really like but I lost the receipt so I figured I have to wear it. But I got a compliment from a waitress (and some of the girls but that doesn't really count) so I guess I'll keep wearing it.

I had a Pimms cocktail jug and some G&Ts.

While we were walking from pub to pub in Surry Hills I spied some beautiful lights in the window of what I think was a hairdresser. They were hard to photograph (where were you, Jess?) but I did my best.

Happy birthday Pete!


  1. Girl, you know me too well. I would totally wear that fruit dress!

  2. Ha, I told you so! It's a bit ridiculous but still clearly a Meg dress. Love it!