Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Beach Burrito Company Cronulla

On Monday night James and I celebrated his completion of uni with a trip to the Beach Burrito Company at Cronulla. Some of my friends (hello girls if you're reading!) went the other night and I was really excited to try it.

We got there at about nine, but there were a few tables there and they were happy to serve us (unlike Splash tapas, who wouldn't take a booking for 8.30).  I really liked the cheesy decor and fun atmosphere.  Is this is trendy and/or hipster thing at the moment? I don't know but I liked it.
First we ordered drinks: Dos Equis beer for James and a Paloma cocktail for me.  It had quite a light and refreshing flavour with pink grapefruit and other stuff and was $12, which I consider reasonable when the cocktail is actually good. 

The guy corrected James's pronunciation though which is not only a bit rude but also super awkward because he said "Dos Ecky", which is wrong.  You don't work in a French restaurant silly!

We forgave him though, because our burritos were fantastic! Mine was chicken and James's was beef; both were really filling and super flavoursome. 

The food was really good value too: I think a burrito is about $14, but on Monday they do them for $10! They have a different special every day, how awesome is that?
Then we had a second round of drinks: another beer for James and a frozen vodka margarita for me.  The guy recommended it and I was sceptical, since frozen cocktails are usually the worst, but he gave me a little bit to taste and I was sold, it was so yummy!

How's that for a serving size? Cool cup too.
Around ten they started to clean up and put chairs on top of tables and such, which is kind of annoying but I was a waitress once and I know how much it sucks waiting for the last person to get out so you can start closing up, especially if you won't get paid extra if you're late, so I can let it slide. 
One of the guys also came over and told us they were about to close though, and I thought that was overdoing it.  Customers can be remarkably stupid though, maybe he thought we didn't get the hint. 

It was sort of a downer to be hurried out, but whatever, the food was amazing, the service was very friendly, the drinks were delicious, the value was excellent and the decor and ambience were really fun.  I'd still give it at least 8.5/10 and I'll be back a lot.

Thank you Beach Burrito Company!


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