Thursday, 22 November 2012

Faux Fuchsia

Remember the time I saw Delta Goodrem at Kit and Kaboodle?  Remember how I was ridiculously excited? Remember how I said I am never starstruck like that normally?
Turns out I lied, because yesterday I got a comment from my favourite blogger Faux Fuchsia (hello FF if you are reading! I hope you won't think I am a nutter now!) and I just about died. I texted Emily immediately, in caps lock and using more exclamation points than strictly necessary, even though it was after 1 am.
Actually it wasn't really immediately - I needed a moment to calm down before I could text. 
To witness Expect Cowgirls' biggest milestone yet, have a look at the comments section of my Beach Burrito Company post.
If you're interested you should really check out Faux Fuchsia's blog.  If you like Expect Cowgirls (or even if you don't) you will "luff" Faux Fuchsia, it is also of the photos-of-food-and-other-things-I-like variety except that she is about three times funnier than me and eighty times fancier, and gardens a lot, and rambles less. I've been meaning for ages to write about the blogs I read, and FF's is absolutely my favourite.


  1. Oh you are so funny, the reason I popped over is I found a nice comment you left ages ao,maybe years ago, that I liked... and Now I cannot recall what it was! I'm not fancy. I use public transport and don't own a dishwasher x

  2. I found a comment where you admired a seagull onesie the baby was wearing! and a cute photo of him holding a penguin. I read the comment and clicked and found this blog.

    I remember that comment always. And I've had 26000

    1. Oh I remember that! Those photos were adorable, the baby is super cute xx

  3. I've just searched the blog to remind me of the comment! Luff that comment.