Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cookie Thai-m

On Friday Meg came down to Melbs for a visit! Drinking the above cocktails was just one of the many fun things we did together.  The boys in my house reckoned we are exactly alike.  Can't say I minded at all.

Thanks Meg for a super fun weekend!

After the Great Ocean Road we went to Ross's place (hello if you're reading, thanks for being a stellar host!) for a drink or thirty.

Never have I ever seen such a lovely house!

That tandoori pizza was awesome.

On Sunday afternoon after Meg and I parted ways I went to the city with my housemates to die of heatstroke and eat a v late lunch.

I ordered eight kilos of tapas.  I liked it all but I didn't quite love it.

On Monday night we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant that is inexplicably called Cookie.  It was hella indie but really nice.

Those thingies on the left were tapioca dumplins, oh em gee they were good.  Next to them is a load of prawns.  I ate nearly all of them myself (thanks everyone!).

Some kind of beef, pad thai with chicken and prawns, some super delicious sweet potato thing.

Eggnet! This was really incredible, like an explosion of corriander and mint in my mouth.
When I did cooking in high school the kitchens always smelled of corriander because we inexplicably used it in EVERY dish.  Naturally I grew to hate it, but now I love it again.  It's probably my second favourite herb, the first being basil.
Anyway check out how they presented the bills:

Charming! I love a vintage Little Golden Book.
Remember how last week I said I might bake?
Well I totes did:

I like to bake just about anything that doesn't have fruit in it, and I love to eat same, but there is really nothing like fresh baked cookies.  I think I almost prefer baking these to eating them, and that is really saying something.  I wanted to make a microwave chocolate pudding too but we didn't have all the ingredients.  Alas.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Snap Cup

I am getting back into Instagram. Here are some snaps to prove it.

Last night I went to the night markets with my housemates. I had lots of great things to eat, including a totally amazing raspberry cupcake. I wish I had taken a picture but I was in too much of a hurry to gobble it up.
Photo courtesy of Blake - thank you!

Today I came home from work and immediately fell asleep for an hour and a half. Working for the man is exhausting.
It does involve good canteen lunches though.
I'm staying in tonight but there's nothing on telly so I might bake something in a bit.
Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

The hottie on the left is coming to visit me! Woo! I'm super excited to see you Meg!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Bit More Food And Stuff

Yesterday was super hot so I went to the beach with a bunch of my coworkers (hello if you're reading!).  It was the best thing ever, we stayed for about three and a half hours.

Afterwards we had dinner at Al Porto Vecchio again.

The steak was a bit overdone but otherwise v tasty.

It was such a fun night, thanks everyone for being so awesome!

Tonight I had a burger for dinner from Burger Culture.

It was totes delish.  This one was called the New Yorker, which is just a basic burger, but they had heaps of options and I bet they'd all be fantastic.  It's no The London, Canberra, but it was pretty damn good.
I also ate a hash brown, an egg, half a roast chicken, potato wedges, two lemonade icy poles and half a chocolate bar today.  I feel like such a heiffer.

Valentine's Weekend

I didn't see Jim on Val Day but he came to visit me on the weekend.

We stayed at Rydges on Exhibition St in the city.  The room was smallish but very nice.

The service was excellent too.  All the staff at the front desk were super helpful, even when a couple threw a highly embarrassing tantrum while we were checking out (hello ridiculous couple if you're reading).
James arrived really late on the first night so we didn't go out for dinner, I just ate some crackers and pate in the room.  I won't lie, it was one of the best dinners I've had down here.
(Don't worry Mum, I still love your pate the most.)

We had a great breakfast in some laneway:

And a picnic lunch:

Check it out:

Savoys! (FYI that's what they call Jatz crackers here.  I don't know why.)

Then we went out for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel called Society.

Normally I am allergic to red wine but they had an organic one so I had a glass, it was pretty good.

Look what we spotted outside our hotel:

The next day we had another good breakfast at a different cafe in the same laneway:

We both ordered sweet corn fritters with prosciutto, rocket, poached egg and tomato relish.  Super tasty.

Then we went for lunch at China Bar buffet, which was like five metres away from the hotel.

It was good and only $33, but I think the dinner would be even better.

We wandered about and stopped at a few places for drinks.

Those things are pints.  They are really too huge to drink, but the alternative here is called a pot, which is a super tiny baby-sized glass.  I guess schooners haven't been invented here yet.

After Jimmy went to the airport I came home and cleaned my bathroom.  Adulting FTW.

Thanks for a nice weekend Jimmy!