Saturday, 3 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 2

I didn't buy anything today!

We don't really have casual Fridays, but I usually wear jeans anyway. My blouse was $3 at Nana's Shop. It was freezing in the office today, lucky I had the cosiest cardi ever.

I spent much of my day enjoying the view from the photocopier.

In my lunch break I came across the most terrifying mail order 'collectible' ever.

I had sushi from Woollies for dinner. Tuna & avo, mini avo and tempura prawn. The tiny boxes cost about seven or eight dollars each, and only contain as much food as you'd get on a single $3 plate from the sushi train right next door.

Then I watched two movies. The first was 27 Dresses, which I have seen many times and always enjoy, except that for some reason I'm meant to empathise with the younger sister in the end but I just hate her guts.

The second was Waitress. I liked it so much! I loved the story about people's complicated lives juxtaposed against the kind of whimsical cuteness. It was like a dark Pushing Daisies. And now I'm in the mood for pie.

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