Thursday, 22 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 19, 20 & 21

On Monday I bumped into Emma at uni (hello Emma if you're reading) so we went to a cafe for caffeine and a chat. Easily the most fun I will have at uni all year.

On Tuesday I was minding my own business at work when I got a very exciting text from James, telling me he scored a job for next year! Well done Jim! To celebrate we went out for dinner.

We had a Cudo voucher for African Feeling at Newtown so we went there. It was the first voucher I've bought from Cudo and I don't like them as much as Living Social - they never actually emailed my voucher so I had to fuss about for ages trying to get a copy.

The restaurant was pretty nice. It had some bad reviews saying service was slow, but it wasn't too bad and the food was yummy.

We had a mixed entree including these nice little round dumplings called kpoff kpoff.

For the main course, I chose goat, which I had never tried, and James picked almond beef, but we shared both. The goat was my fave - it had a spinach sauce that was a bit salty and so delicious.

James had cheesecake for dessert, but I had this lemon sorbet shaped like a lemon and encased in a thin layer of lemon flavoured chocolate. It was pretty cool and so tasty! Strangely it was served with ice-cream.

We enjoyed our meal but, as is often the case with these vouchers, wouldn't want to go back at full price. Plus they use palm oil and even mention it on their menu (clueless much?). If I'd known that, I wouldn't have bought the voucher. (It's possible their palm oil is sustainable, but the menu didn't mention that.)

I'd definitely try another African restaurant though!

Oh and if you wondered, I wore that Witchery silk dress for the fourth time. And to think I had buyer's remorse!

I didn't do much today besides go to uni, but I did eat Thai takeaway and pain my toes in the neon pink polish. The colour is called Digital. It was free!

Meanwhile my Mum (hello if you have remembered my blog's name and found a way around your work's Net Nanny!) went out with her friends in this glamourous top with sparkles.


  1. Yay Jimmy! Thats so exciting, congratulations!

    Witchery dress is very nice xx

  2. Yeah congrats Jimbo!

  3. Thanks girls, I am pretty proud of old Jim! Meg the first time I wore that dress was to your birthday! Which was one of the most fun girls' nights ever. I guess it magically absorbed the fun, because every time I wear it I have a great night. Maybe will wear it every day from now on?