Monday, 19 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 16, 17 & 18

On Friday I was meant to go out for Tacos, Margaraitas and some dancing with the girls, but the trains weren't running! We went to The Crest instead for burgers and $4 Gin and Tonics.

Our mate The DJ from last week was there, and he'd downloaded a bunch of retro songs like we requested! He let us pick all the tunes; the highlight for me was Believe by Cher. I had to dance by myself for part of it but I didn't mind.

Meg was fetching in a yellow/gold/bronze ensemble. I wore a party dress from Vincenzo's. It was $10 and I've only worn it twice so the CPW is still $5. Fancy!

Saturday was St Patrick's Day! I went to dinner at Menya with the girls. We had lovely gyoza and I shared a teriyaki chicken noodle dish with Meg. Even with corkage I only spent $10!

Someone mentioned that Meg is really heavily featured on this blog. I do have other friends, I promise! (Hello Other Friends if you're reading.) Among them on Saturday were Amy, The Newt and Glamourous Becky who works at a fancy magazine company. She's in charge of figuring out what's cool, and she was wearing glitter polish too! OMG I am secretly trendy, who knew? Certainly not I.

I was wearing a kind of tunic smock dress that might actually be a top for Plus Sized ladies and an old cardi, both from Nana's Shop, costing a total of $9. Meg looked cute in one of her new Temt dresses!

Later we joined Yuto's Going Away Drinks/Toby's I Already Moved Drinks and then Manton's Birthday Drinks. Happy going away, having gone away and birthday boys! It was good to see you all. And hello Chris S if you're reading!

This morning I had brunch with James at a cafe near my house. My Bacon & Egg roll was $6, not bad! It was yummy too.

Then I spent thirty hours trying to get my glitter nail polish off and hit the books. And now I'm having a 2am Vodka Tonic, because I'm a Grown Up now and I can.


  1. Cher is always the highlight.

    1. I Believe you're correct! Thanks for Cher-ing your thoughts xx

  2. MegaLOL at "dress that might actually be a top for plus size ladies."

    1. I'm pretty sure it is - I bought it from the Tops rack (lucky as they are cheaper than dresses, plus there was a half price sale on tops that week). So there's a thrifty tip for everyone!