Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 5 and 6

Monday was my first day back at uni. In my first class we were asked to list our personal observations of another culture, then told that these were all judgemental because they weren't prefaced with 'from my own observations'. Deep. But James is doing it too, which we didn't realise til after we both signed up, so that's fun!

My second class was fun though, the tutor is an old hippie and I sat next to a guy who was on MasterChef. I got a bit excited about this, I think I have embarrassed myself.

I was wearing my cosiest Witchery cardi and Kmart leopard print scarf.

For dinner I had the yummiest tandoori chicken salad with haloumi. Afterwards I tidied my desk and bedroom and did some decluttering.

On Tuesday I went to work in my trusty black dress and a leopard cardi from SES.

I didn't have time to make a sandwich so in the interests of thrift and sodium I took noodles. They were beef rendang flavour, not as nice as regular beef.

Dinner was better: a lovely spud!

At home I printed all my uni stuff, did some reading and watched an old Western called The Searchers for one of my classes. We were meant to watch one of our own choice too. I saw True Grit last year; that'll do.

This semester, as a thrifty minimalist, I am not buying any stationery. I found this Tweety folder circa 2002 when I cleaned out my old school stuff recently.

I did buy a Barbie desk calendar for $2 in the Sales though.

I think it will be a fun semester!


  1. Haloumi looks lush.

  2. They were both pretty tasty dinners. Nothing on cocktails and Decadents though.