Thursday, 1 March 2012

Frugal February Spending Summary

Well, Frugal Feb was a success! I stuck to my budget of $100 a week pretty well, though if I'm honest I wasn't really trying that hard, I was mostly following my normal habits.

Most of my spending was on going out - food, drinks, public transport and taxis, as well as snacks and drinks to take to friends' houses. My main spending problem area is shopping so I'm ok with all of this. I expect I won't go out as much now that we're all back at uni.

I'm going to count monthly phone credit ($29) and hair products ($15) as necessity purchases. I think $1 cards and giftwrap (total: $5) count in this category too. None of my bras fit since I've lost a bit of weight so I'm tempted to include that Target bra ($7) as well. I'm returning the giraffe undies by the way - I remembered I already own a much nicer pair.

As for Actual Shopping, I wasn't as restrained as I'd hoped. I bought an Aqua CD, a Winter coat, a mini whisk, nail polish, a mask for the masquerade, a Murder Mystery game, Smarties, a mini cocktail shaker, a cookbook for James and the La Senza voucher (total cost $50). Almost everything I bought was a good value, sensible purchase, but that just proves you can justify almost any purchase if you try.

If I did the month over, I wouldn't buy the nail polish, and I'd ask around to see if anyone had a mask or Murder Mystery I could just borrow. I'd probably still buy the rest though; not much buyer's remorse here (a nice change)!

I hope everyone else's Frugal Feb was a success! If not, never fear - you can join me for Minimalist March and try again!