Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 12

I went down to the Gong today to wait for hours at Student Central. While I was in the area I went to some classes too.

Then I rushed home, changed into a top with sparkly bits on it and my Amy shoes, grabbed my cake and went back out to have dinner with James's sister, her beau and their housemates. Hello Zoƫ, Stanley, Jack & Anna if you're reading!

They have the loveliest house, it's like a terrace house yet very spacious, and full of nice things.

We ate this tasty meat and vegetable lasagne, it was delicious! The salad was good too, I really love corn.

For dessert we had the Raspberry White Choc Wonder Cake.

Naturally James was there too, indulging in his two favourite hobbies: looking spiffy and boozing it up.

And so was his brother Patrick, the legendary frontman of Button Down.

It was such a fun night, thank you ZSJ&A for having us over!

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