Thursday, 8 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 7

I went to uni again this morning. I wore a trench coat because it was freezing, plus leopard print ballet flats. And I saw a ladybird!

Later I went to trivia at The Crest. Due to a marking error we placed 3rd instead of 2nd, but we walked away with $40 in vouchers plus a bonus free drink so I'd still call it a success. Good work ladies and gents! (Including PETE - hello if you're reading!)

Thrift and minimalism aren't always the same, but they're pretty similar in that both require making do and taking what you can get.

I always use a moisturising/heat protecting spray in the ends of my hair. Mine ran out the other day, but then I discovered this Lee Stafford sample from a Priceline gift bag I got last year. It has kind of a chemical smell but it seems to do the job, and really it's better than anything the shops sell because I already had it at home.

I have plenty of shoes, about fifty or sixty pairs, but I always want more. Lately I've been after more simple, classic styles - the kind of shoes that go with anything and are comfy enough for a variety of occasions. Imagine my delight when my gorgeous friend gave me these!

They're a perfect fit, just what I needed and barely worn. They are ever so slightly scuffed but fortunately I already have a Sharpie on hand for that. (I always use textas to fix shoes and bags, Pretty Woman was on to something.)

Thank you Giggles McGee!!


  1. Aw you're welcome Ship! Trivia was a lot of fun.

    1. I thought so - I was so glad you could finally come! Wednesday Trivia should be our new thing.

  2. pictured and mentioned!
    what an honour.