Friday, 2 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 1: Back On Top

I went to Trivia tonight, determined to change my luck. This was me:

I bought this Stellino dress at Nana's Shop in 2010 and had regretted it ever since. The other night I tried it on again and somehow I didn't hate it anymore!

I wore it with these lavender Bloch flats. Everyone raves about them on the Vogue forums but at $180 I wouldn't even consider buying them. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw these in the Boxing Day Sales for forty bucks! And they're as comfy as everyone said.

Naturally I met a few friends at the pub. This was them:

(I am so borrowing this top Meg!)

It was a bit weird because some kind of football was on, so instead of the normal trivia night with Stu it was the bartender doing super quick rounds of questions in half time. He did a great job though, and he was such a sweetie fetching a table and chairs for us.

And we won! We now have a bottle of champers for the next Girls' Night and ten Oatley Dollars each. So glad our losing streak is over. Well done girls!

In other news, James and I bought a couple of restaurant deals today. I'm looking forward to some exciting dinner dates this month! If you aren't signed up to one of those online voucher thingies you should really do something about it.

Items acquired today: 0
Spent today: $20
(pizza, ice cream, G&T)

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  1. You can borrow that top and anything else you like from my wardrobe whenever you want. Trivia was odd but still fun last night; that guy is a sweetheart. We need to arrange a girls' night soon so we can drink that champagne! xx