Friday, 16 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 14

I absolutely love op shops, but my favourite chain store is Temt. Yesterday for uni I decided to wear a whole outfit from there: jeans, tank top and cardi, the total cost of which was $30. I've worn them all about a million times too.

Afterwards James and I had sushi for lunch. My favourite is the spicy prawn Tiger roll but I really enjoyed the soft shell crab one and the prawn dumplings too.

Then we went to the Camelia Gardens.

For dinner we went to Hannibal Lebanese restaurant in Surry Hills. We bought a voucher for $40, and for that we got a mix of delicious foods, desserts, coffee and corkage.

There was more food than we could eat, and all of it was delicious. Even without the voucher, they had heaps of affordable options, I can't wait to go back and try some more!

And we drank this wine from my place - thanks Mum & Dad!

I wore a polka dot dress from the op shop. James wore a black shirt with tiny white polka dots on it too. I love matching!

We had a little night cap at The Crest too, and James won a promotional iPod amplifier gadget with his beer!

What a brilliant day, and I only spent thirteen dollars! In the first week of MM I spent $140, which was terrible, but in week two I only spent $40, that's right, $40!


  1. I didn't appreciate that post - it just made me crave lots of nice things that I don't have in the house.

  2. Jokes! The camelia gardens look very romantic.

    1. Haha, they are lovely gardens! And it is FREE to go there so a v. good spot for a thrifty picnic. They have a nice playground, BBQs, ducks etc, and also a cafe if you are too lazy to make a picnic. People get married there a lot.