Sunday, 18 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 15

Even though I'm thrifty, I love shopping sprees. On Thursday I met Meg for a girls' shopping afternoon and I spent less than $25!

First stop was the food court for some sushi. I got three delicious rice paper rolls for $5 (extravagant for me).

Then we went to La Senza because we both had Living Social vouchers - $24 for a $55 voucher, bargain! I got a bra and a pair of knickers and it only cost me an extra $5 (the voucher was accounted for in last month's budget).

While we were there we joined the loyalty club. It's free, and when you sign up you get a $20 voucher! Though I'm still waiting for mine...

Next we went to our favourite cheap chain store Temt, because I had a $10 credit I had to use. We both bought the same $15 sweater dress, so again I only spent $5 out of my wallet. I chose blue.

Naturally when we past Collette Accessories we had to run straight over to the sale rack - everything was reduced to ONE DOLLAR. That's not a typo! We each chose four things, including the same sparkly silver studs and long gold necklaces. Twins!

Afterwards it was time for some snacks. First we went to T2, where as you know I like to get free iced tea samples. The flavour du jour was strawberry; I liked it! They're also doing a range of olive oils now, and had three flavours available to taste with bread. We tried them all. They were pretty good so I'll definitely be back to sample, I mean buy, some more.

We popped in to Darrell Lea to sample a few Easter eggs, and finally to New Zealand Natural for ice creams. I had a BOGOF voucher so we got two icecreams for $4! We both chose the same flavour, Cookies and Cream, and Meg remembered that we could get free fudge as well.

I spent: $5 on lunch, $5 at La Senza, $5 at Temt, $4 at Collette, $2 on ice cream and $1.70 on the bus = $22.70.

There you have it, a lovely shopping afternoon on a budget. Frugal can be Fun!


  1. This was such a fun outing! xx

    1. P.S. I haven't received an email with my voucher either - hope we do! Then we can have another fun shopping day :) Yum I want another ice cream too!

    2. Yay that will be a delight! I forgot to say in my post but THANK YOU MEG for coming, I had a lovely time shopping with you!

  2. i signed up for the La Senza gift card too! Did you see the sale they had for 7 pairs of knickers for $27?! it was amazing, would have cost me $70 but scored them for $27 :)

    1. Did you get your voucher from them emailed to you yet? I don't know what's going on! I did see the knickers, talk about value for money! Even the fancy ones were something like 5 for $30 which is still great. La Senza rulz.

    2. no voucher yet :( I applied for the VIP card last thursday