Saturday, 10 March 2012

Minimalist March Day 9

I haven't worn Trousers (as opposed to jeans) since my Year 10 work experience in 2005, but lately I'd been thinking about buying some to wear to the office. Luckily I discovered those work experience pants the other day and saved myself some $$!

I wore them today with a Jag blouse from Nana's Shop.

After work I went to Meg's house to get my predrink on (hello! Thanks for hosting!) then to The Crest. This place is awesome because they have cheap drink, no queues at the bar and 24 hour Maccas ten metres away. Not to mention 24 hour Kmart in case you need a $2 spatula or a Nerf gun.

One of the best things was that I saw my friends Sarah E and Matt! Hello if you're reading! It was great to finally see you again!

Everyone looked super classy.

We had some delicious cocktails.

The DJ let me choose all the songs!

Then the police came to arrest five people but fortunately not any of us, so we went to Maccas. What a fun night!

Also happy birthday Fletcher!


  1. Woohooo such a fun night! Thanks for organising SS :)

    1. Any time, thanks for coming! (Assuming you did, since I don't know for sure who you are!)