Sunday, 18 March 2012

Shop Til You Drop April

As you know, my STYD arrived the other day. I think this is the best magazine because it features things normal people can afford, sometimes even I don't think they're overpriced.

I really liked the houndstooth stuff they had. In the spirit of thrift and minimalism I won't be buying any, but I once had a houndstooth office-type skirt that might still be around somewhere.

Neon's still hip. I'm not a huge fan but I do have a neon pink polish that I might use. It came in a Priceline gift bag last year, did anyone else get that? It was good value, I can't wait for the next one.

The Gem Crush ad that inspired my glittery mani-pedi was strategically placed next to a feature on glitter makeup. As a marketing guru, I approve! I love a bit of glitter eyeliner too so I'm on board with this trend.

Those colourful jeans are still in, do you guys think I should get some for AW2012? I already have normal jeans, but my cold weather wardrobe could do with something nice and bright (hello Bridget Jones's Mother if you're reading) and Grande Double-Vay has them for under twenty bucks. Thoughts?

The silliest part of the mag was the article on investment dressing; these always make me laugh.

For instance, a $2000 bag is apparently a great buy because if you use it for 2 years, the CPW is only $2.50. I have bags that cost less than that when I bought them! And apparently leather pants are a classic wardrobe staple now? Ugh. (Becky are you reading this? Please pass my criticisms on to Mr Packer; thanks.)

But apart from that it was a pretty good issue. 8/10.

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