Sunday, 5 February 2012

Frugal February Day 4: Ode To Murraya

My family used to go for Indian all the time at a restaurant in our suburb; the flavours were amazing, but the service not so much. Eventually we stopped going and, after the other Indian around the corner closed, we basically stopped eating Indian because nothing else came close.

One day, James took me out for a surprise date. When he told me we were having Indian I was secretly a bit disappointed - after literally years of trying every Indian restaurant in the area and being let down every time, I didn't expect much.

I changed my tune after my first bite at Murraya. The flavours were just as good as our old favourites, the meat was lovely and the ambience and service were great too. I told my parents, they told their curry-loving friends (partners in the Search For A Decent Indian Restaurant for many years) and now everyone goes there all the time. Considering how busy they are, I'm pretty sure we are not the only people talking about it.

I went there tonight with my family and some family friends (hello Jayne & Alan if you're reading*) for a pre-birthday dinner for Dad. The Bet-Dawg and I shared tandoori lamb chops and butter chicken, just like we used to back when we still went to that first place, and were in primary school. We drank champagne and cocktails, which we did not do when we were in primary school. Much.

I also saw James's parents (hello Joanne and David if you're reading*), who originally discovered the restaurant and recommended it to James (thankyou!). I think they had lamb chops too.

And it turns out Murraya is run by the people who used to have the place near us that sadly closed down. No wonder it's so good. I want to move in.

Mum and Dad paid for the food so it was an extremely thrifty night out for me, but even when I'm footing the bill I do think the restaurant is pretty good value. You should go there right now.

To up the Frugal Factor I wore a Witchery dress from Salvatore's Boutique with DSW shoes and a vintage Glo-Mesh clutch. At the risk of being a hipster, I was into Glo-Mesh before it became popular again. I'm glad I stocked up when you could still get the bags for five dollars instead of fifty. I think the total cost of my outfit was twenty bucks.

And my friends Tobias and Lisa got married today! Congratulations Toby! Best wishes Lisa!

Spent today: $0

Spent this week: $12.50

Spent this month: $12.50

*Hahaha, good joke Ship!


  1. Can we please go here for girls night? Indian food is in my top three favourite cuisines and I really want to try this place. Also, I just love your blog. I checked it tonight thinking "Oh surely Ship wouldn't have updated again", but you have! Best blogger ever! And can you teach me to be frugal too? I am so crap at saving.


  2. Hello Meg! Awesome idea, after our last few girls' nights I think a civilised meal in a restaurant would be delightful, though it will have to wait until after Frugal Feb. I am going to blog every day this month. That is my number one tip - accountability. I have others too, perhaps I will write about them tonight! Thanks for reading xx