Monday, 20 February 2012

Frugal February Day 19: Things to do at Tropfest

  • Get a free promotional t-shirt for The Star
  • Make it into a dress
  • Visit The Original Juice Co tent for a tasty sample of their new juice several times
  • Play Harry Potter Character guessing games
  • Make a sandwich
  • Find out that someone awesome reads your blog (hello Jess if you are reading!)
  • Check out the fashions on the audience (yellow & black seems big, I guess I'm not the only one into bumblebees)
  • See an amazing performance by Pluto Jonez
    (this isn't the one I actually saw though, but check out that cool instrument! I can't remember its name, does anyone know?)
  • Suspect that Our Nic is on Xanax
  • Watch three short films while huddling under a waterproof picnic blanket
  • Give up
  • Run to the station in the rain
  • Wait for a taxi in the rain
  • Put on your boyfriend's pyjamas and watch Indiana Jones

I can't wait to get the Tropfest DVD with the Saturday paper so I can watch the rest of the films.

Spent today: $20 (train, cab, bad wine)
Spent this week: $101
Spent this month: $255.95

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