Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dinner at Rodizio

On Friday I had dinner at Rodizio in Cronulla again. This time I ordered from the regular tapas menu instead of getting the platter. It cost more but it was well worth it.

We started with some drinks - beer for Jim and a passionfruit caprioska for me.

Sorry about the blurry pics, they uploaded smaller than usual so I had to enlarge them.  I don't know why.

I always have the garlic bread; it's lovely.

The marinated baby octopodes were yummy but too hot for us. If you like quite spicy foods I recommend them. By the way, my phone wants to correct 'octopodes' to 'octopuses' - what a dummy.

The lamb chops are a favourite of ours. The toppings went nicely but I thought the meat was a bit fatty this time.

The baked potatoes were a bit bland. They would be a good option for kids though.

The mushrooms were really yummy. James loved them more than I did so I let him eat most of them.

I loved this - a bunch of rocket with feta cheese and sundried tomato, all wrapped up in a delicious slice of prosciutto. All my favourite foods in one. Since I gave James my mushrooms, he let me have three of the four prosciutto things. Yay!

We didn't match this time. Jim looked spiffy in his purple checked shirt though.

I was wearing my leopard print Kmart dress.

Afterwards we went to the pub to meet some friends. I forgot to say, but after our dinner at Copper Pot we went to The Crest and put $2 on a dog called Cool SeƱorita because I thought the name was funny. She didn't look that good but she won! At $4.20! (James says this is worth point out but I don't understand why.)

So now I'm a gambler and on Friday James and I bet on a dog called Precious Pretzel (hello if you are reading!) and I won again! Betting on dogs is ridiculous but great because, as James says, even if you lose you still get to watch dogs racing.

Speaking of Precious Pretzel, that's my friend Pete's new nickname.  Don't forget to use it all the time.


  1. Leopard print dress is a winner!

    1. Thanks! That's lovely coming from a glamourous babe like you!