Saturday, 25 February 2012

Frugal February Day 24: Love It!

I had a pretty good day at work. We had a morning tea for my coworker's birthday, which meant delicious cake and an hour and a half of not doing any work. And I went to the Sushi Go Round for lunch! I know buying lunch is against the rules of Frugal Feb, but I had nothing at home and it only cost $6! Though I also bought a Coke Zero for breakfast...

After work I went to a birthday party! It wasn't a costume party, but I decided to dress up anyway.

I wore a short floral dress:


Bow earrings, a silver "bead" bracelet and a big flower ring:

And glasses:

Can you tell who I was dressed as?


I was Meg!

To enhance the effect I also kept using Meg's catchphrases, including "what a bitch you turned out to be", "ouch", "I'm not posh" and (my favourite) "love it!". It was like we were the same person.

Meg, I had so much fun pretending to be you! What a delight!

It was a really fun party with delicious food and drinks.

And a lovely house.

The Two Megs brought these flowers:

The birthday girl (hello Emma if you're reading!) looked like a babe.

So did the other girls (hello!).

Thanks Emma for having us!! And Meg for driving. I hope you weren't offended when I said your car was too small to safely seat six people (ouch!).

Spent today: $8
Spent this week: $27
Spent this month: $339.95


  1. So funny you had all the Meg props at hand. Love.

    Also, that photo is a bit unfortunate where I'm clutching the lurgy tissues.

  2. Haha love it. I really enjoyed having you pretend to be me. I also love that 'impersonating meg' is a label on your blog. Definitely wasn't offended about the car comment, it is the tiniest thing and I would totally object if I had to sit in the back of it.

    Emma's birthday party was such fun. And I really want her dress.

  3. "Anonymous" I can take the photo down if you like.

    I think the Impersonating Meg tag is going to get a lot of use.