Sunday, 19 February 2012

Frugal February Day 17

Last night I went to a masquerade! I wore a dress I bought from Vincenzo's in 2007 and a $3 mask I bought at The Reject Shop a couple of hours before I went out.

I don't know who my friends were wearing but they all looked fantastic.

We had dinner beforehand at Non Finito in Mortdale. Last time I went there it was great - the food's tasty and cheap, the portion sizes are huge and they don't charge corkage, plus our waitress was delightful. This time it was really disappointing.

When we arrived we stood inside the busy restaurant for about 5 minutes, with waitresses pushing past us to get to tables, without being acknowledged in any way. I'd booked already and we could see our table so eventually we seated ourselves. That got the waitress's attention but instead of apologising she was extremely rude to us.

We ordered a meal to share between two as the servings are literally so big that last time I ate an entree to myself I nearly threw up. They have a policy that people who share a pizza between two have to pay a surcharge (ridiculous really, given that they serve family sized pizzas). A different but equally unpleasant waitress informed us that when the menu says "pizza" it actually means "all food". I guess my Italian is not very good because I never knew this.

None of us would have minded paying a tiny surcharge, but I do mind being charged for something that is most definitely not written in the menu, and I especially mind when, instead of "just to let you know, I know the menu only says pizza, but it actually applies to pasta too, I hope that's ok" the waitress says "you do realise there's a surcharge don't you?". You do realise you are way too old not to have a real job, don't you?

As I said, my last experience there was not just good but really great so this was all very unexpected. I will probably go back but if they aren't up to scratch I'm sure I can find another establishment that will be happy to provide service in exchange for my money. Nicky sneakily paid for the food so this was very Frugal. Naturally I will just-as-sneakily pay her back but I might wait til next month.

I took a $1 mini Pringles tube with me for us to snack on while we were out. This was a much more satisfactory dining experience.

The masquerade was at Teen Spirit. It was pretty fun and a bit thrifty because I didn't buy any drinks there after all the wine earlier, but they do charge $10 entry. We know some equally fun places that don't charge so we've agreed to go to one of them next time.

I got a taxi back to Jimmy's, but we split it between four so that was thrifty too. When I got out of the taxi I discovered a GIANT wad of gum on my dress!

Despite all the mishaps it was a pretty good night. Highlights included confusing a bathroom for a staircase and Nicky's boyfriend telling me not to eat free lollies because they were probably drugs. I know Mums always warn kids about this, but do people really give out free drugs to strangers? Seems wasteful.

Spent today: $30
Spent this week: $47
Spent this month: $201.95

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