Friday, 3 February 2012

Frugal February Day 2

What is going on with this weather? I just put the last of my Winter clothes away and I had to get some back out today. I went out in a COAT, people. I had to get a pair of boots out! What is this madness!

Tonight I went, in my coat and boots (with a dress underneath!), to another Trivia Night. I had to catch the train (oh Nicky, come home!) and it was already pulling up when I got to the station so I didn't have time to buy a ticket. Thrift: 1. NSW Government: 0.

Last time I went to the pub I won a $10 voucher in the raffle, so I put that toward some drinks tonight. I bought another raffle ticket but this time I wasn't so lucky. Still, in all my life I've bought about five $1 tickets and I've won a meat tray and that voucher so I'm on top.

The run of bad luck continued - for the first time in living memory, we didn't win anything at trivia! I think we were absolutely robbed. By people who knew more useless facts than we did.

But on the bright side I barely spent anything!

Spent today: $2.50

Spent this week: $12.50

Spent this month: $12.50

P.S. Here is a REAL Harry Potter trivia question, which you can answer in the Comments: What creature is in Professor Lupin's office the first time Harry visits him there? In addition to scoring a bonus point, anyone who knows the answer will have the distinct advantage of being able to tell the real Harry from an impostor.

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  1. Haha! "NSW Government:0" Um, not sure about the trivia question. Is it some sort of creature in a tank. A Grindylow? Think I made that up.