Monday, 27 February 2012

Frugal February Day 26

This morning I went to the markets to see whether it would be worth having a stall of my own. I bought a piece of cake and a Murder Mystery game! Get ready for some awesome fun at my place!

I wore a white sundress but I didn't really like it. Out it goes!

Then I went to book club! Yet again I wore a costume.

A black wrap dress from 2006.

Pink Havaianas.

Earrings from Diva circa 2005.

And Rimmel Jelly Gloss on my lips. Can you guess who I was?

My teenage self!

Our book this month was Matilda. I'd read it as a child but it was so much fun to read it again; I really enjoyed it.

We had loads of food.

I brought pancakes.

The Impostor made a Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake.

I ate two pieces - maybe I should've come dressed as Bruce!

It was such a fun night. Thanks Emma for hosting and Meg for driving!

Spent today: $6.50
Spent this week: $43.50
Spent this month: $356.45

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