Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frugal February Day 1

In the interests of increasing my savings and decreasing my clutter, I have declared this month Frugal February. It does what it says on the tin - I'm going to be even thriftier than usual this month.

Today I went to work and calculated my budget in my lunch break to help me stay on track. After work James and I went to South Hurstville RSL aka The Pinnacle for dinner (date night) and trivia.

I had a burger; it cost twelve bucks and was so big I couldn't finish it. Thrifty! I only had one drink, which James kindly bought me. Thriftier!

The trivia wasn't great but we won some free beers and fifteen dollars. It didn't go far between ten people so we blew it all on the pokies - there's a Sex and the City machine!

I probably won't go back because the trivia wasn't as good as other places and a bartender was rude to me, but it was a pretty cheap date. Frugal February is a success so far!

Spent today: $10

Spent this week: $10

Spent this month: $10


  1. Date night with the boys?

    That burger has got me well jeal.

  2. Yeah it wasn't a very hot date! It was a pretty tasty burger actually, but no need to be jel, you can try one for yourself when we go there for LADIES NIGHT! Thanks for reading Amz xx