Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Frugal February Day 13

I went to the shops today for some Excel books for my tutoring student. Aldi had them for $8 (they're about $18 in book shops) so I bought her four. They don't really count because I'll be reimbursed, but they were still a bargain.

I also bought a pink mini whisk for $1 at The Reject Shop (I didn't have one yet), plus Tic Tacs and a piece of giftwrap.

Tonight I went out with James to see The Vow - it was his gift to me. I liked it but it wasn't brilliant, it's fine to wait for the DVD (does anyone still rent them?). We had drinks too.

I wore an old sequinned tank top with a waterfall jacket and jeans. The leopard shoes made yet another appearance. James bought me the red clutch in South East Asia. He looked pretty spiffy tonight in a handsome navy blazer.

We changed our plans and are having dinner tomorrow, on actual Val Day. I am pretty excited! I wonder what I will wear?

Spent today: $7

Spent this week: $89.45

Spent this month: $137.95


  1. As a Video Ezy employee, I can tell you that no one still rents DVDs. Also, that whisk is a bit adorable. I want one for my kitchen. xx

  2. Haha thanks for your expert opinion! I should make an official panel of experts for the blog.