Thursday, 23 February 2012

Frugal February Day 22

Usually I wear a dress to work - today's was this grayscale one from Target ($4.86 on the clearance rack). Nicky says the pattern looks like little ghosts.

Recently I discovered an old pair of black pants, so after work today I went to Vincenzo's of Caringbah to look for some tops to wear with them. This raspberry Jacqui E blouse was just the ticket, and only $5.

Turns out this style accommodates my man shoulders so that I only needed to buy one size up. Woo! It has belt loops but there was no belt with it. I might wear it with one I already have.

I also spent another $5 on snacks to take to Nicky's to watch Matilda with the girls (hello!). Everyone else provided tasty snacks too. The highlight was Emma's lovely Crunchie cupcakes.

We didn't end up eating my snacks so I will bring them to book club - extra thrifty. We did have an interesting discussion about military strategy. And Matilda is as good a movie now as it was in the nineties. My phone autocorrected that to Nonsense.

Thanks Nicky for having us over! PS: I think I left my hairclip on the coffee table.

Spent today: $10
Spent this week: $10
Spent this month: $303.95


  1. Those crunchie cupcakes look amazing! Hopefully Emma will provide them at BC??

  2. I hope so too! They tasted as good as they looked.

    My mum sometimes does a chocolate cake topped with a smashed up Peppermint Crisp bar which works a treat too.