Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Frugal February Day 21

Given that I already maxed out my weekly budget I shouldn't have gone out today, but I did. On the train I read Domain instead of buying a magazine though. This is doubly thrifty - you don't only save the cost of a magazine, but also the money you'd inevitably have spent on things you saw in the magazine.

I met the girls for lunch at the Dymocks cafe. I got there first so I browsed books for a while. I've wanted to read The Hunger Games for years but Stephenie Meyer's recommendation had put me off a little. And how much do the new Harry Potter covers suck?

I eventually met the girls and we had a fab lunch. I had smoked salmon on Turkish, it ruled.

After lunch we went to Coco Noir for caffeinated beverages.

Here are some of my accessories:

Later I met James for a dinner date.

We had a voucher for GPK - buy one pizza get one free. We chose Barbados (prawns with capsicum salsa) and Morocco (kind of an Indian flavoured beef, bizarrely). Both were absolutely delicious, though one pizza is really enough for two.

We found a little stringy thing in our food! We didn't mind but we let the waiter know so they could make sure it doesn't happen again, and he was so apologetic and offered us free desserts!

Since we already had a voucher for the pizza we felt a bit bad, so we just had a chocolate fudge sundae to share.

It was really tasty, and I was so impressed with the way they handled the situation. Great service! I'll definitely go back and you should too.

After dinner James and I rolled ourselves to Kmart. I got giraffe undies for $2! I bought the matching bra and a blue one too, but I'm going to return them. I wasn't wild about them, and I'd rather put the money toward one of the nice bras I saw today at La Senza. Did you know La Senza products are made by Victoria's Secret?

James and I watched Indiana Jones 3 tonight (The Last Crusade, if you're playing along at home). It was so good you guys! I'm the only person alive who hasn't seen the movies though, so probably you know this already.

I really blew this week's budget :( But since I had all the extra babysitting money I'll let it slide this time. I hope the last week of Frugal Feb will be better.

Spent today: $38
Spent this week: $139
Spent this month: $293.95


  1. Do you get the gpk emails? I get vouchers sent to my email every month or so (but I don't think the deal is as good as 'buy one get one free', I think it's 'buy one get half off the second').
    Also I've never seen all of the Indiana Jones movies either.

    - nicky

  2. Hi Nicky! Thanks for the hot tip, I'll have to join their mailing list. Indiana Jones is pretty good, you should watch it one day!