Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Frugal February Day 27

Most thrift experts say you shouldn't shop for the wrong reasons - like when you're bored or depressed. These people don't know anything. Shopping for things you need is ideal, but shopping to cheer yourself up is still cheaper than therapy and less harmful than getting drunk.

I was meant to go to uni today but I missed my class because of the stupid bus. So I organised to meet James for lunch, then later he called me back and said he actually couldn't. I was exhausted and hot and my bag was ridiculously heavy. My mood was as black as my outfit.

The only solution was self-gifting. The trick is to set a small spending limit and aim to buy things that are either sensible or small (so that at least they won't waste much space).

At Target I bought a bra (desperately needed), a glittery mini cocktail shaker and a box of Smarties. All were seriously reduced - I got change from $10.

I also bought a $1 cookbook from the newsagency for James, a sushi roll and a few bus tickets.

After shopping I went to James's house where we had a soothing drink. There was a mini champagne in his fridge that I had been saving for just this sort of day.

And that is how you turn a bad day into a good one!

Spent today: $17

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