Sunday, 12 February 2012

Frugal February Day 11: Ladies' Night

My parents bought a new bed so they gave their old one to me and Jim. It's going to live at his house because there's no space in my bedroom, so we took out his single bed and put the queen in.

Then we had fish and chips for lunch - ten bucks each at Mike's Seafood, but on Wednesdays it's only five. I went nuts and bought a Coke Zero too.

Later I went to my lovely friend Meg's house (hello Meg!) with the girls (hello girls!) for predrinks. Everyone brought tasty snacks. It was awesome fun and she gave me a bunch of makeup. Score! Then her fantastic mum (hi Kerryn!) drove us all to South Hurstville RSL for LADIES' NIGHT!

They had some delicious champagne cocktails for free (less blurry in real life). It was meant to be one per person but we got heaps, I didn't buy a drink all night. I didn't buy snacks either because I had smuggled in the leftover chips from Meg's. Being sneaky is the key to thrift.

They also had male model waiters and a Lady Gaga impersonator. There are no words for the hilarious awesomeness of this.

I wore a black dress with sequins on the top (Targ├Ęt, $10) and the leopard shoes again, plus a sequinned black clutch cause I'm a bit matchy and naff like that. Meg wore this blue dress that I will hopefully liberate from her wardrobe one day when she isn't looking.

Afterwards we went across the road to the King's Head to meet the boys, then Jim and I caught a taxi to his place.

I love Ladies' Night!

Spent today: $30 (lunch, party pies, cab)
Spent this week: $82.45
Spent this month: $137.95


  1. Hello Sarah! I love everything about this post. Ladies' night was the best. Is that a water pistol on the bed?

  2. This was seriously such an amazing night - I loved all the dancing! For the record I didn't know the RSL would be a lights-out affair - next time my dress will be less 'tea party,' more 'ladies' night.' Will there be another RSL night!? *hopeful*

  3. Hi girls! Meg, it's actually a Nerf gun, James has about a dozen of them. Amy, you looked like a total babe, but yes I'm sure there will be another RSL night soon! It was totally more fun than going to the city, we need to make it a regular thing!