Sunday, 19 February 2012

Frugal February Day 18

I spent my morning trying to get the gum out of my dress. It's on the clothes horse now but when it's dry I'll let you know what I did and how it worked.

James and I went to Miranda for sushi at lunch time. It was so delicious. I know it's kind of a 2005 thing to say, but seriously, I am NUTS about sushi.

Afterwards I went to T2 for a sample of this delicious tea. Talk about thrifty!

I saw this cute pink vacuum/dust buster thing for $59. I didn't buy it but if anyone's in need of one, Godfrey's will hook you up.

I wore this sundress by the way:

It's probably my thriftiest dress - I bought it from Nana's Shop on Christmas Eve 2010, when they were having a huge sale. Nana and her friend sold us two huge bags for something like $10. I also got a navy clutch to match. The dress gapes at the front but I love it all the more for it, because I can use the Daffodil Day pin James gave me to hold it closed. And I wear this all the time so the cost per wear is probably about 5 cents.

Unfortunately I did have one non-thrifty experience today; I had to buy phone credit. $29 it cost me! It will last a month though so I guess a dollar a day is a lot less than most people pay. On the other hand, you could sponsor a kid for that.

Spent today: $34
Spent this week: $81
Spent this month: $235.95


  1. Did you put your dress in the freezer?

  2. Yes! But there were a few little bits of gum that I couldn't get off. I borrowed the Shannon Lush book from James's mum and it said to use dry cleaning fluid and a cotton ball, but it didn't really work. I think my dress will have to go in the bin :(