Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Frugal February Day 6

Today I went to work and printed 250 reminder letters for people who haven't started their taxes yet. I wore a polka dot dress and in my lunch break I read Who magazine.

They had a feature on people who are insane, I mean patriotic.

Some guy loves Holdens so much he named all his kids after them. What's worse is that they are all named after the very same car - one kid's middle name is Monaro, one kid's first name is Monaro and the girl is Adele Mona Rose. Their next daughter will be Marilyn, geddit.

After work I went to Westfield and bought some $1 cards from Typo and a couple of other things. The Priceline specials tempted me but I stayed strong.

Spent today: $10

Spent this week: $22.50

Spent this month: $22.50

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