Thursday, 17 April 2014


On Tuesday night I made two of my favourite things to cook:

Prawn pasta (recipe here)

And shortbread (recipe here)

I went out to our tiny local supermarket to get some ingredients but I had to buy some Thai rice flour instead of the one I normally buy. I was excited by the price ($1.50, bargain!) but I'm not convinced that the final product tastes quite as good. Though it still tasted good enough for me to eat 5 pieces before lunch the next day.

Yesterday I made another favourite of mine: Something Experimental. When I was in high school my friend Julia (hello if you're reading!) used to bring in these lovely pizza scroll thingies on special occasions, and last night I was thinking about them so I decided to have a go at recreating them. I don't know Julia's recipe so I just made it up but they turned out really well! 

I used:
Pampas puff pastry
Tomato paste
Grated mozarella
Black olives from a jar
Diced ham

I just put everything onto the pastry, then rolled it up and sliced it as you would pinwheel sandwiches or a swiss roll cake. This part was extremely messy and difficult! I almost gave up, but instead I put the slices on a tray and baked them at 180 until they looked crispy and delicious.

These would be a great make-ahead snack if anyone is planning to entertain over Easter.

And in other news this is my 200th post! Perhaps tonight I will eat 200 Easter eggs to celebrate this exciting milestone.  

Happy long weekend!

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