Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Vin Hung 3

Our hotel in Hoi An was called Vinh Hung 3 and overall our experience with them was pretty lousy.

It started at the airport: we had emailed the hotel to arrange an airport transfer but they never wrote back, so we arranged it ourselves with a cab company. When we landed the guy from the cab company was waiting for us, but so was the guy from the hotel with another driver! Nice of them to organise it but why didn't they tell us?

The room itself was okay and clean enough but small and very basic. We weren't after luxury in Hoi An, it was more of a practical stop, but seriously this place made the Cat Huy look like the Hilton.

Nothing was provided. There was no quilt, just a sheet and a horrid velour blanket. No mini toiletries, just a large liquid soap dispenser by the sink and another of shampoo in the shower. The mini bar consisted of two waters, two Cokes and a beer. They did provide two bath towels, but no face cloths - not even a hand towel. The bathroom window was one of those wooden slat things that didn't close properly and there were no fly screens (hello malaria if you're reading!). I had a cold, itchy, terrible night's sleep.

The disappointments continued at breakfast the next morning. We went down quite late so weren't expecting things to be super fresh, but we did at least expect them to be edible. They had some bread and butter. They had some fruit. They had some Asian dishes in those big silver thingies with burners under them, but the burners had been turned off so everything was stone cold. Oh, and they had an omelette station with eggs, tomato and onion. That's all. Not even cheese.

And when we left, they organised a taxi pick up for us that arrived over ten minutes late, and only then because we asked what was going on and they called the driver.

The lady told us we should get the taxi at ten; I'm glad we insisted on 9.30 or who knows what would've happened.

I don't think I'll be back.

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