Monday, 21 January 2013

Nha Trang Novotel Buffet

One night we took a break from our hotel restaurant routine and went to a different hotel restaurant: the Novotel seafood buffet!

It cost a little over twenty dollars and was really lovely. They had lots of different dishes, both Asian and western, and a huge selection of desserts.

The best thing by far was the tuna sashimi. I don't usually eat sashimi at home because I feel like I'm eating a chunk of gross raw fish, but I'm so glad I tried this because it was so thinly sliced and tasted beautiful.

I also had a plate of different yummy salads. I have been avoiding such things here on account of the water, but the Michelia has treated water so I figured the Novotel would too. We had ice in our drinks too. It was nice.

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