Monday, 21 January 2013

More Stuff I Did In Nha Trang

Our hotel was at the top of the main tourist area but a little further north of it was a bridge so we crossed over to the non-tourist side of town one night for a little explore.

We also went to the beach! Jimmy enjoyed his swim but I just had a nice paddle, it was a bit cold. We collected some nice little shells too, I will put them in a glass jar in our bathroom when we get a flat. You might think this is naff but I don't care.

We wanted to get some cheap massages and "cures" (as James calls them) at the Louisiane but we couldn't. We had always though they did them on their private beach because the sign and price list is there, but actually they have a special place for them around the side. Future travellers keep this in mind or you too may not figure this out until they are closing up for the day.

Anyway, we decided to go instead to a place called Crazy Kim's Spa and Gym. I'm serious, that's what it was called. It was just like a normal salon except with mannequins in 80s aerobics gear in the window, the uniform was a t-shirt saying "keep the children safe" and if you spent a certain amount you got a free mojito. Crazy is right.

We had massages, manicures and pedicures. They weren't as good as at home - the massage was your typical cheap massage and the polish colours were a bit dated, plus there was no pumicing or cuticle pushing (just cutting, eek!) - but I felt relaxed when I left and my nails looked pretty nice. Plus it was eight bucks per massage and four per cure.

I was pretty happy but next time I would probably try the Louisiane, because it was a bit cheaper and was nicer, being on the beach.

Also we saw some awkwardly racist dolls at the Market and checked out the Vietnamese cinema.

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