Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Home and Fab Ladies

I haven't finished uploading all my Vietnam posts yet but I actually got home about 12 hours ago.
I liked Vietnam heaps but I was glad to get back to my house.  I ate a pastie from the bakery for lunch.  I talked to my sister about uni.  I put on something other than the 3 outfits in my case.  I brushed my teeth with tap water.  I went for a walk and nobody tried to sell me a pair of sunglasses or run me down with their cyclo.
In other news, here's Kate Middleton's portrait:
I don't know much about art, but when I first spied this (via mobile Facebook) I thought it was an artist's impression of how she will look when she ages, like what they do for missing persons.  The blouse is nice though.  I don't love the kink in the left side of her hair, but I appreciate it because it makes me feel better about the fact that my hair does the exact same thing.  Now people might think it's a deliberate style choice.
Here's my other favourite royal:
It's Quentin Bryce, the Governor General.  She is chic, but don't let that fool you into thinking she is not to be taken seriously.
I actually do like Mary very much as well.  I forgot about her a bit once Kate came on the scene but she really is so classy and actually I think she has the better hairdo (sorry Kate!).
Her portrait is nicer too:
It's cool how regular people become awesome royals these days (see also Grace Kelly) and I think this is a very good reason to give your kid a sensible name.  Can you imagine Crown Princess Harper Seven of Denmark or Maxwell Duchess of Cambridge? Me neither.
Another fab lady who is kind of royal in her own way is Helena Bonham Carter.
I reckon she'd be fun to hang out with but I'd be too intimidated to ever test that theory out.  What if she didn't think I was cool enough? What if she gobbled me up? I think anything's possible with HBC.


  1. I still love that Mary met the Prince in a pub in Sydney. Go girl

    1. I love it too! I walk past that pub all the time but so far no princes for me :(