Friday, 18 January 2013

Food Pho Thought

All the food in Nha Trang was excellent.

The hotel buffet breakfasts ruled, especially the day they had beef Pho. It was the best Pho I have ever tasted.

We had another dinner at the hotel too. I know that's lame but the restaurant there was just so good! We discovered they had happy hour so we started with a few cocktails out by the pool but it wasn't that nice with loud music playing and stupid stuff on a giant tv screen.

We had a bit of an issue with dinner though. James ordered salmon and spaghetti carbonara, and I quickly corrected the order to spaghetti aglio olio. The waitress seemed to understand but when our meals came out, mine was carbonara. We asked for the other one, but also kept the carbonara because we found out the waitress would have to pay otherwise.

On the one hand, it really isn't our problem. If that's how the rules work she should make sure she gets the order right by repeating it like some of the other waitstaff did. On the other, the pasta was only seven dollars, and that's probably a lot more for her than for us. Anyway it was a really good carbonara.

We also had another lovely lunch at the Louisiane: spicy prawn hot pot for me and a club sandwich for James. My prawns were mega delicious and cost about six dollars fifty. Vietnam rocks.

And because we had such a great experience at Lanterns, we went back there for lunch too. I had a deep fried honey prawn dish that was listed as Vietnamese but was really more western, like a 1980s Aussie Chinese restaurant dish. I really liked it but James's chicken in a whole coconut was pretty cool too.

We also had a crepe Suzette for dessert, in keeping with the whole retro Chinese theme.

Afterwards James bought us icecreams because we are insanely greedy. They were from a place called Romy's Italian Ice Creams and I think they were really gelatos - we both had stracciatella and it was amazing.


  1. I am out of hiding and catching up on my favourite blogs!
    I was in Vietnam in 2011 and loved it - Nha Trang was my second favourite place behind Hoi An. We had a crazy crazy night at the beach club drinking far too many jam jars! The food is so good (and cheap) in Vietnam that you can't help but be greedy!
    P.S enter my giveaway xx

    1. Food Pho Thought - I like what you did there ;)

    2. Hello! Glad to see you're back! Nha Trang was such a fun place. Will def check out your giveaway xx