Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More Hoi An

Our second day in Hoi An was more of the same.

We had another nice lunch at Streets. I had a crispy pancake, which you are meant to turn into yummy little rice paper rolls, but I quite liked it as it was too. the cocktails were a bit too sour though. But they gave us a crispy rice paper thing with satay sauce, it was so yummy.

We visited the tailors for a fitting.

We had a drink at some little wine bar.

We had some icecreams.

We explored the town. There was a little bridgey section of the road and on the other side of it there were just more little shops but it was much quieter and very nice to shop at. While I was there Jim went to a Market that sounded really great, I'm sad I didn't get to go.

We went back to Cargo Club for dinner and oh my god, it was the best.

Jim's entree was White Rose dumplings, yum! Mine was a crumbed warm Camembert with cranberry sauce and bread. It could have been hotter and more runny, but for five dollars it was pretty good, v tasty.

Jim's main was some kind of beef with salad and eggplant chips. Mine was fillet steak with potato dauphinoise. It was SO GOOD. It was cooked perfectly and had barely any fat or manky bits and the potato was so yummy. I think it cost $15.

The drinks were great as well, strong and delicious and safe to drink because their ice is made from mineral water.

For dessert we had the $1.50 creme brûlée. The top cracked nicely but the custard wasn't silky, I think the egg was overcooked.

I'd still give the meal about four to four point five stars though, highly recommended. Just get the chocolate truffle cake instead.

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