Friday, 11 January 2013

Ho Chi Minh City

On our second day we explored HCMC a bit. We started at the market, which was very busy. People kept saying things like "Hello beautiful girl, can I make you coffee? Another fan for you miss? Ali baba pant, I help you find your size!".

I didn't buy anything, it was mostly cheap knickknacks and leather bags that were really gorgeous and well made but more than I could afford.

Afterwards we checked out the Reunification Palace, then had lunch at a nearby restaurant. The spring rolls were the best things ever but the mains were a bit average. The ice creams were pretty nice though and the beers and cocktails were so cheap!

Then we just wandered about the city.

They had some interesting buildings and stuff but the coolest thing was the free public exercise equipment!

In some ways Vietnam seems much less developed than Australia but in this regard I think we are quite backward.

We also went to this German brewhouse type place where they gave us a log that opened up to reveal the menu. It was cool but I waited ages for my drink.

After that we had a terrifying cab ride to the airport and then we flew out!

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