Sunday, 13 January 2013

Michelia Hotel

The hotel we are stating in is called the Michelia and it is awesome. It is one of our more expensive accommodation choices at over $100 a night, but talk about value for money!

The room is huge and beautiful, with a sitting room and two bathrooms!

The toiletries are always one of the highlights of hotel stays for me and the Michelia really does not disappoint in this regard. Everything is provided, e.g. shaving kit, nail file, cotton wool, and it's presented beautifully. What fun!

The mini bar is well stocked and v affordable too.

And there's even a balcony!

The rest of the hotel is great too. The pool and spa area is lovely, with plenty of lounge chairs and an attendant to bring you towels. All the staff are so polite and helpful and the hotel restaurant is fantastic, we've eaten there twice already.

On the first night James had a burger and I had a really yummy pasta. It was done in a bit of an Asian style, which I really liked.

We also had drinks. Mine was the hotel's own Michelia Passion For Fashion - delicious!

The waitress was cute too, she brought us a little tealight candle to the table and said it was "for romantic".

On the second night I had an Asian beef dish in a thick spicy gravy-like sauce, it was a bit too hot but so tasty. James had Pho and really enjoyed it.

I'm glad the hotel food is so good because a daily breakfast buffet is included. It's great! They have absolutely everything: cereal, omelette bar, fresh fruit, pastries, Asian dishes, potatoes, pasta...

My favourites have been the dragon fruit, mini croissants and various Asian dumplings.

I'm very happy with the hotel location too. We are quite far North, a little away from the main area of town, but I don't mind because we are near to the non-touristy areas. Anyway it's a nice walk, and if we are too lazy it only costs a couple of bucks for a cab.

So if you go to Nha Trang you should definitely stay here!

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