Friday, 11 January 2013

En Route

Jim and I are on the way to Vietnam! Emily picked us up at the crack of Dawn and drove us to the airport (thank you Em! You're the best!), where we took about five minutes to check in and go through customs and then spent ages browsing duty free.

I really liked the alcohol displays, and also an Oreos one, but I didn't buy anything. They had some good Barbies too.

We're at Singapore airport now, I am a bit bored of waiting around here but they have some pretty cool stuff e.g. several M&Ms shops (seriously, all they sell is M&Ms and associated merchandise) and a shop called Kipling that sells bags with little fluffy monkey toys attached to them.

And they have these beautiful gigantic fibreglass jars, which have bits missing so you can walk inside and read historical jar facts. Like our Big Banana and such, only not that big.

Mum are you reading this? Their recycling bins would appeal to your love of oversized fibreglass structures too. Actually this airport has heaps of Big Things.

Yay boarding time!


  1. I could very happily live in Changi Airport!

    1. I felt that way too until I spent nine hours waiting for my flight home. Still beats nine hours at Sydney airport though!