Sunday, 22 April 2012

Get Loose

On Friday the finals of the competition were held. Since nobody from UOW made it to the finals, we didn't have to do anything!

James and I slept late, lazed around, then went back to The London for lunch and bumped in to the rest of out contingent there! This time my burger was something with tzatziki, it was so nice.

We watched the grand final debate, grabbed a quick bite at Maccas then got changed into our Circus finery for the final night party!

I was a ringmaster. Thanks Emily for loaning me the awesome jacket!*

Most of the UOW people dressed up, some as circus folk and Ryan, inexplicably, as a bee. With a naked bum.

Naturally the party was at Mooseheads. We were told the bar tab would be huge. We only got two drinks per person but I didn't mind buying my own because amazingly everything was $3.50!

I guess at Mooseheads it's still 1997 because they had a blue light disco. Personally I love stuff like that; I think it made my G&T look a bit cool.

I chatted to lots of people from different universities too.  It was nice to hang out with them in a normal social setting instead of just chatting between debates.  It was a really fun party, the perfect way to end our Canberra adventure.

Thanks ANU Easters organisers! And thanks UOW contingent for all being such good fun!

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