Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Favourite Books

I haven't done anything worth blogging about because I am super sick and also a bit busy with uni. The theme for this month as requested by Lara, who followed my blogging endeavours when I was underground, is Appetising April. Which means lots of food, for a change.

But since I've been too sick to eat, here are some of my favourite books instead:

The Fairy Doll is a lovely book from the '50s about a chubby, simple and generally hopeless girl called Elizabeth who develops life skills thanks to the beautiful and seemingly magical Fairy Doll that sits atop her Christmas tree.

All the illustrations are delightful. They are mainly black and white; the only colours and green orange for some reason. Maybe it was cheaper to print like this?

Another old children's book I love is this Ladybird Red Riding Hood/Goldilocks reader. It belonged to my Dad's sister.

I love the illustrations. I look at them all the time.

This one is my favourite:

Don't you thnk the colours are amazing?

My copy of Gone With The Wind is really tatty but here is the DVD:

Since it is old and famous, people think GWTW must be a fancy book for clever people. But most classics are just popular fiction plus a century or two. My English teacher (hello Ms Voss if you are reading!) said it was trashy. I don't disagree but that's why I like it.

You know I like more recent works of popular fiction too. I hope science allows me to live long enough to see a day when people talk about Brown and Keyes like they do Dickens and Austen.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is on one hand very light, but on the other hand critically acclaimed. I think it was very progressive when it first came out.

If you don't know, it's about a fed up career woman who goes to Jamaica on a whim and, as you might guess, gets her groove back. I like the first part when she's in Jamaica best.

I keep all my books and can happily read them ten or twenty times or more, so I often revisit my old teen novels and I still enjoy them. I have even read Twilight, but that wasn't very good at all.

Everyone knows how much I like Harry Potter. These books are the greatest. I will not say why because I don't have thirty years to spare right now.

I am a big Shakespeare fan too. This book was a present for my 18th birthday from a family friend (hello Phil if you're reading!) and I just love it.

I always hated it in school when we had to translate Shakespeare into modern English. We did it every time we studied one of his plays. I think Shakespeare makes sense already!

The Little Prince is another one for children, and is perhaps the greatest book of all time:

It was recommended to me by my aforementioned English teacher. It tells of a man who gets stranded in a desert and meets a prince from space, but that's not really what it's about. If you are deciding between this and Harry Potter you should buy this. That's how good it is.
What's your favourite book? I have a nailpolish in Twilight Fever and a lipstick in Lolita (I'm so witty) for whoever has the best answers!


  1. Make up to be won? Time for me to enter ha!

    Well I don't have to tell YOU why Harry Potter is my fave, and I think I recall you weren't keen on Pride and Prejudice, so I guess my next favourite is a series by Alexander McCall Smith beginning with The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

    It has a really warm and generous heroine in Precious Ramotswe, who sets up the first private detective agency in her beloved Botswana. She doesn't have any qualifications but she does have a neat instruction manual, her womanly intuition and a desire to help her countrymen and women (she's so great).

    The novels can be quite philosophical in parts: her cases always get her musing on human nature, morality, the state of Africa etc. but they're also very funny. There's an officious secretary, Mma Matsuki, who regularly doles out tactless remarks to her employer Mma Ramotswe and their clients, and there are several cracks at Mma Ramotswe's large size. Mma Ramotswe describes herself as 'traditionally built,' which is very cute. I tried describing myself that way once but I don't think it makes sense for English people.

    I would describe the books as altogether charming! And kind of good for the soul. I love having a good, decent character for a protagonist.

    The books have been made into a great tv series with the fabulous Jill Scott in the lead role. I caught it on ABC recently but I think the dvds are hard to come by.

    1. Wow Amy, thanks for your comment! I've seen that series around a lot, I always wondered about it. It sounds good! I will add it to my list and review on the blog when I've read it.

      And naturally you are a winner so congratulations! Do you want the nail polish (it's the Ulta3 one, if you don't know it you can google image the colour) or the lipstick (medium pink)?

    2. No worries! Although I'm already cringing - sounds like a lame book report. Erm, I'm really indecisive so I'll let the next entrant take first pick of the prizes xx

  2. Also, sorry to hear you're sick :( xx

  3. My favorit book is the bible. It's THE good book of OUR LORD JESUS CRIST.

    1. Thanks for reading Jesuslives! I really enjoyed your comment :)