Sunday, 1 April 2012

Minimalist March Day 31

Yesterday I went out with some of the girls. It was spontaneous and a bit low key but such a lot of fun.

We started with dinner at Thai Passion in World Square (thank you Sasha for introducing me to this place!). It's byo so we took two bottles of the cheapest sparkling wine we could find at Liquorland.

Then we took some outfit snaps. The girls looked fabulous.

I was wearing a recent op shop purchase by Country Road and the $1 earrings I bought at Colette with Meg. The only picture of me involves a bit of a cheesy pose but whatever.

When our ensembles were appropriately documented we went to this fun little bar called Grandma's. There was a rocking chair and knitting! I didn't think I knew how to knit anymore but turns out I still remembered. Thanks Nana for teaching me.

The drinks were good too. Mine was a Coconut Club, I loved it.

We met a bunch of fun people too - hello if any of you are reading! It was great fun meeting you all.

Thanks Nicky for driving, Becky for instigating, Meg for organising and Elise and Amy for just generally being awesome.

I'm going with a different approach to blogging for April. In a little while I'll be publishing a guest post, how exciting! I hope it'll be the first of many - if you're interested in contributing, leave me a comment and we'll sort it out.


  1. So I contorted my face into a duckface for nothing?

    1. Alas, the photo came out a bit blurry, sorry! You looked fantastic in it though. It was really fun meeting you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh the awkward lean - so silly and funny! Super fun night girls xx