Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Frankly Embarrassing

Thursday was spent adjudicating again. We were provided with a third of a Subway sandwich each for lunch and a mini packet of chips for afternoon tea, but since that's barely any food we also hung out at Degree Cafe a fair bit.

I had an acceptable friand but my hot chocolate was made with syrup, way too sweet!

The debates ran late, of course, so when I made it back to the hotel I had to race like crazy to get ready for the formal dinner. My shelf was in quite a state by the end of it.



If you wondered I wore one of my Year Twelve formal dresses, with tights and a trench coat of course.

You can't see that well but it's black lace over gold satin. I bought it from eBay for about twelve dollars. James wore a suit but I don't have a snap.

The rest of the contingent scrubbed up pretty well! Hello everyone if you're reading!

As did my ex school chums from the UNSW contingent. (Hello Sarah & Adela! It was such fun seeing you both, and Georgia too.)

And this awesome girl Kat from Griffith - hello if you're reading!  She has a blog too, Musings of a Hedonist.

Her black lace + sock bun + eyeliner look really reminded me of Adele, I wish I could look like that. Amy if you're reading can you please teach me how to do liquid eyeliner?

The food was pretty great. To start I had this tasty salt and pepper squid and the other option was a beef salad.

My main was duck with sweet potato mash, which I loved.

The other main was beef, which wasn't that good, with a garlicky creamy mash, which was so amazing.

They announced the finalists at dinner too. The highlight was when Melbourne Two broke, because all the Melbourne students just went wild, they were obviously all so excited to see that team get through. My high school was so competitive that once, when I was third speaker in a debate, the first and second speakers refused to tell me what points they were going to raise lest I 'copy'. So I always enjoy people who have a not-insane attitude toward their peers' achievements.

The lowlight was the way the Sydney contingent carried on every time they broke. They're great at debating but they need to work on not making everyone else hate you.

Afterwards there was an after party at some club but after a few minutes there James and I decided to walk home in the freezing cold instead. We saw these cool light things while we were walking.

All in all a fun night. It was like the school formal except with alcohol and without food poisoning.

Snaps to the Rydges Lakeside for putting on a good spread!


  1. No worries, I'll bring my liquid eyeliner next time we're at pre-drinks or something. Yeah Kat's rocking a pretty cool Adele look - it was worth not decapitating her for haha. And I think you've never looked more like the Duchess in that dress - probably because it's showing off your tiny waist! Win!

    By the way, where is the bit about getting loose at Moose? Jks :P

  2. Actually, I lie. You own something that looks like her engagement photo wrap dress. That's pretty spot on!

    1. Thanks Amz for your two lovely comments! I've actually seen the Duchess in a similar dress except with long sleeves, and I owned my navy wrap dress first, and a thousand pairs of beige tights too. Oh dear, am I a victim of identity theft? Mooseheads is coming, stay tuned!

  3. Nailed the outfit choice