Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Harry Easter

Did everyone have a nice Easter weekend? I've been stuffing my face with Nina's Chocolates courtesy of Mum. James gave me earrings instead of an egg. Do you think he's trying to tell me something?

On Saturday I made a Hawaiian pizza and used the juice from the pineapple tin in a cocktail.

Yesterday James and I went to the Harry Potter exhibition! Outside there was a Ford Anglia and a Knight Bus. Inside we couldn't take pictures. It was really good though!

I especially liked seeing Hermione's dresses and Neville's outfit for fighting Voldemort. The clothes from the earlier movies were tiny!

However I'm pretty sure some of the alleged movie props were just made for the exhibition. Especially Hagrid's costume, which was giant-sized and would have been too big for Robbie Coltrane, who, contrary to popular belief, is not a giant in real life.

The gift shop was really cool too but I didn't buy anything because it was pretty expensive. The best thing was probably the exhibition guide, which had trivia about some of the items.

I made us some HP lolly bags - chocolate frogs with Harry Potter trading cards attached, sherbet lemons (already had these at home because they're my favourite sweet) and, as an acid pop approximation, Chuppa Chupps and Wizz Fizz.

We looked around the rest of the museums too. That static lightning ball thing was great as usual. I dragged James through the Wiggles exhibition, and on the way out we saw some TAFE fashion thing.

Afterwards we went for dinner at Swiss Quattro in Sylvania. James had spaghetti with a lamb ragu or something, which was pretty nice.

I had fettuccine with prawns, salmon and spinach, and an olive oil and lemon sauce instead of the usual creamy one. I always order the same dish but this time I was disappointed.

Instead of nice big prawns I got those tiny ones, and they were really overcooked and tough, not unlike the salmon. The sauce was bland and I couldn't taste much garlic. And the pasta was shrivelled and burnt in places.

I've enjoyed every other meal I've had there so I will probably go back and give them a chance to redeem themselves, but I won't exactly be in a hurry.

Today was spent washing, ironing and packing Winter clothes because tomorrow I'm going to Canberra for an intervarsity competition thing. I hope it's fun.

What did you do?